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#MilitaryWatches: The Argentinian Heuers

Few things excite vintage watch collectors as rare pieces do. Especially if they have some military history and provenance, or even military markings and service records. That is when you have struck the holy grail – for real. This time it’s all about the Heuer chronographs used by the Argentinian air force: Fuerza Aérea Argentina. And talking about holy grail. This right here is some proper provenance.

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#Horomyths: The Legend of the Unicorn Daytona

Who would’ve thought that a watch could ever sell for over a million? That there could be collectors engaging in paddle to paddle combat to overbid each other? That level of watch collecting has always mesmerized me... Is it for the triumph of overbidding their peers, of making a highly speculative investment or purely for the love of the object? All these reasons are as questionable as the provenance of the watches that break records, among which a perfect example, the controversial Rolex Unicorn Daytona...

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